Single Stone on Mission Street is an intimate jewelry boutique in the heart of historic San Marino, California.  The boutique invokes the comfortable and cozy atmosphere of a ladies lounge while showcasing some of the most eminent designers in contemporary jewelry.  Innovative and carefully crafted pieces are key at Single Stone on Mission Street.  The boutique offers its own unique designs, while also carrying notable designers Monique Pean, Irene Neuwirth, Jemma Wynne and Gurhan. 

At Single Stone on Mission Street, we have a great appreciation for the symbolism of jewelry and a love for exquisitely crafted and detailed pieces.  Here, clients experience the intimate art of adornment, as the staff takes time with each individual to select the perfect piece of jewelry.

Single Stone on Mission Street invokes the romance of the past with a contemporary flair.  Ample Venetian mirrors reflect the beauty of the jewelry and the soft design of the boutique.  Handcrafted hardwood cases, marble floors, and a plush velvet Victorian sofa provide a warm and relaxing environment for clients to enjoy.